Pregnancy Related Pain

pregnancy painPregnancy related muscle, bone and joints pain is an area of treatment that Stow Physiotherapy is able to offer specialist expertise in. Pain in the back or pelvis is one of the commonest problems experienced during pregnancy and can range from being mild discomfort to debilitating pain.

This pain is often blamed on hormones, and that it cannot be treated.but infact there is lots of evidence now that appropriate treatment, including hands on treatment of the joint, exercises and advice can dramatically improve your symptoms whilst you are pregnant, and help you to recover quickly afterwards.

Some people have experienced ongoing symptoms sometime for years after having their family, but can still respond well to correct treatment even after a long period of time.

Lucy Walmsley is recognised as a leading expert in this field, and as well as lecturing widely on the subject she also treats a large number of women each year with these kind of problems and so has been able to build up a wealth of experience. She is happy to see anyone at any stage of pregnancy or post-nataly for assessment and treatment.

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