Spinal Pain

Our Physiotherapists are experts in the treatment of all spinal conditions. In fact the treatment of back and neck problems makes up the majority of our caseload.

Spinal conditions that respond especially well to Physiotherapy include:

  • low back pain
  • prolapsed “slipped” disc
  • degenerative changes and wear and tear
  • sciatica
  • pelvic misalignment
  • stiff or painful neck
  • whiplash
  • trapped nerves causing pain into your arms or legs

Treatment follows from a detailed assessment to determine the exact area of the spine causing the problems, and often involves manual techniques such as mobilisations or manipulation to restore normal joint movement, as well as massage or acupuncture to reduce muscle spasm and pain.

As important as the treatment of the immediate problem is the prevention of future spinal problems, and so practical advice and home exercises are a vital part of spinal treatments.

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